Björn Ewers

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From an early age on, Björn Ewers was full of creative energy, and his first creative expression was achieved through the use of a spray can. On the road to a photographic future, he enjoyed a classical education in a portrait photo studio and studied Communications Design in the area of photography, at FH-Potsdam. After earning his degree, Ewers felt he had not studied enough, so he headed off for a year to study animation at Filmhochschule HFF Konrad Wolf. Alongside his studies, he produced animation for music videos and advertising spots. Next, he joined the advertising agency Scholz & Friends Berlin, where he has expressed himself as an art director for the past 3 years. With the campaign "Instruments from Inside" (Photographer: Mierswa Kluska), he won gold at ADC EUROPE in photography. This turned out to be a crucial experience in leading him to do what he loves most. Since 2010 he has focused solely on photography and moving images.

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