Marc Thirouin

For Eleven Paris

“Love Is At Your Feet” – is the claim of the new winter collection by label ELEVEN PARIS. Marc Thirouin found shoe pairs attracted to each other on the streets of Paris. Check out more images of this charming and witty campaign.


Naja Conrad Hansen

For Adidas


Alexandra Kinga Fekete´s Making Of WIRED

Enjoy! Watching!

Making Of Wired with Alexandra Kinga Fekete


Alexandra Kinga Fekete

for WIRED, Condé Nast Verlag


Norman Konrad

For Credit Suisse

Norman Konrad for Credit Suisse


Betty Dittrich

by Christoph Voy


Frauke Fischer

Get inspired

Always on the lookout for inspiring creative work, we are touched by Frauke Fischer´s images – if you happen to be, too…just get in touch!





Norman Konrad

For Fanta


Alexandra Kinga Fekete

For Closer

Out now is the third motif of the image campaign shot in Berlin for the client Closer.


Norman Konrad

For Coca Cola

Here is one of the four motives shot for the agency Plantage and their client Coca Cola. Elke Dilchert was the artbuyer and supported the project in the best possible way. Thank you!


Red Collector Magazine

features Marc Thirouin´s Nascondere story. Check out!


Naja Conrad Hansen

For Fiorucci

We are extremely pleased and honored to call Naja Conrad Hansen a member of the Cosmopola family! Check out her portfolio and you will discover more of her wonderful work filled with passion and life.

Naja Conrad Hansen for Fiorucci


Marc Thirouin

For Le Chameau


Christoph Voy

Hello boy!

His images jump right out at us, catch us and draw us into where it’s all happening – right into life. Keeping distance is impossible. Anyone who gets involved with Christoph Voy and his work becomes an accomplice, taking part in and experiencing the now. His portfolio shows funky snap shots and hypnotic portraits coined by his characteristic Voy style.


Get to know


His work reflects his inner world, influenced by the different places he has lived- Paris and Oslo. He uses the contrast between cultures to combine the ideas and aesthetic touches of both worlds in a creative way. His images and the stories they tell take us on an emotional visual voyage. Discover his portfolio, uncover his vision and GET INSPIRED!

Marc Thirouin


Norman Konrad

Welcome back!

We are so thrilled that Norman Konrad – winner of silver lion and king of rebus- has joined the Cosmopola family. For those who are not familiar with him and his work, check out his portfolio. Enjoy!


Keep a close eye on

Frederik Buettgen

With Frederik Buettgen we now have a stunningly talented still life artist on board, with his very own unique vision. Check out his portfolio!


Alexandra Kinga Fekete

meets Tom Schilling

Fashion and celebrity photographer Alexandra spent a night with the editor and actor Tom Schilling for a KULTUR SPIEGEL cover story. What happened that night? Here is a quick summary… ‘He opened a bottle of beer and sat down on the sofa, leaned forwards, lounged on the cushions and bent forwards again. He rolled a cigarette.’ Tom Schilling, one of the great silent actors of his generation, is not playing a part at this moment in time. And he thinks it’s funny…

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