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Put on your anaglyphic (red/cyan) glasses AND the 3D elements will pop out! Fabulous!

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Personal Work

social media icons for EMMI

Milchschnitte, Ferrero

Sleek Magazine

KaDeWe Christmas Magazine 2015


in collaboration with Cris Wiegandt / photography: Christian Lohfink @upfront


Sneaker Freaker, Kangaroos x Ollanski

Fastfood, Nojesguiden


Happy Valentine!

Sneakers Magazine in collaboration with JOSEPH FORD @ Cosmopola (photography)

FOCUS15_Mode in collaboration with Lukasz Wolejko-Wolejszko @ Cosmopola (photography)

Urban PaperArt


Sneakers Magazine

Vi Laeser Magazine

Y Magazine

Barre Noire Pattern Design

Magazine Illustrations

La Isla Berlina

Fast Company Magazine

Cover for the Nöjesguiden Magazine #2 2014

Art direction & Paper engineering: OLLANSKI & Cris Wiegandt

Sneakernews Magazine

Nojesguiden - ISM

Finans Magazine

Ud og se Magazine - Danish Media Award

GS 1, 40th anniversary art print

Milk X Magazine Calendar


Nylon Magazine



RAUCH - BRAVO - Eine Erdbeere auf Wolke 7


Pop Up Book for Visitate App "Ticket Platform"

Pop Up Book for Visitate App "Event"

Hey Nick! Nickelodeon TV Show

PEPSI Homemade - SodaStream Caps (Directors Cut)

SONY - Playstation - TEARAWAY unfolded (PS4)

SCHOTT Ceran® Campaign "Technology" Part I - with Cris Wiegandt (English Version)

SCHOTT Ceran® Campaign - Part II - "Cleaning" with Cris Wiegandt (Korean Version)

SCHOTT Ceran® Campaign 2014 - Part III - Dos & Don'ts with Cris Wiegandt (German Version))

SCHOTT Ceran® Campaign 2014 - Part IV - 2Features" with Cris Wiegandt (Russian Version)

Ollanski & Cris - SHOWREEL

Animated editorial illustration for iPad version of Danish GASTRO magazine with Cris Wiegandt

Second animation for Danish GASTRO magazine with Cris Wiegandt



Neiman Marcus

FLM Magazine (sweden)

Icon Mag Blog

Euroman Magazine

Nylon Magazine

King Magazine


King and EM Manual




Burkman Bros



Get to know him!

Born in 1981, Ollanski is an award-winning paper engineer and illustrator based in Berlin. Back in 2008 he quit a PhD in  molecular neurobiology at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin to pursue his passion for paper art. Since then he has made hand-crafted paper objects for photographic and animated advertising campaigns for iconic brands like Ferrero, PlayStation and Pepsi and his work has been featured in publications like NYLON (US), brandeins (GER) and Ud&Se (DK). Ollanski has been making art out of paper for as long as he can remember and his work is inspired by his passion for everything from biology to K-pop. In an age of digital VFX and simulations, the ingenuity and versatility of his paper art gives his clients’ advertising campaigns a real edge and an allure. Above all, he loves what he does. His biggest reward is watching people marvel at what a simple sheet of paper can be turned into.


Videographer Awards - Category Special Effects/Animation - Award of Distinction (Pepsi Film)
Videographer Awards - Category Motion Graphic Design - Award of Distinction (Pepsi Film)
Videographer Awards - Category Motion Graphics for Product - Award of Distinction (Pepsi Film)
Videographer Awards - Category Marketing - Award of Distinction (Pepsi Film)
Creativity International Awards 2016 - Gold Winner - Animated Film (Pepsi Film)
Creativity International Awards 2016 - Silver Winner - Demo Video (Pepsi Film)Hiii Brand Typography Awards 2015 - Category Experimental - Winner of a Merit Award (BOOM illustration)
MarCom Awards - Film, Platinum (Pepsi Film)
W3 Award - Branded Video Content, Gold (Pepsi Film)
W3 Award - Online Video How-To/Instructional, Gold (Pepsi Film)

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